Simple way to tie a FG knot ( Video Tutorial )

strong and easy and fast knot to tie for jigging and casting
Fg Knot

How to tie a fast and easy Fg Knot ?
This is what I use and find it to be the easiest way to tie. Today i willl share you the fastest way to tie a FG knot by hand. You can practise it until you can manage to tie it under 5 minute. Please refer the video to learn it.

All the angler  have problem when  to tie  a knot on the boat, they don’t usually  have problem to tight it properly because of wave. And is that case, I think you would want one of these knots that’s strong and easy for you to make precisely.

FG Knot is the most reliable. But remember, important thing is to tie the knot precisely and neatly. Being tight is a key to a good knot. Happy fishing..
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