Top 5 most best Slow Pitch Jigging Rods

Slow Pitch Jigging Rods

80% of angling is done in the setup.
There are a ton of slow pitch rods on the market now. But it’s really difficult to answer because it depends on what you expect but you don’t know what to expect when you are just starting this game.

The blanks is made of highly resilient, high carbon materials, and it takes craftsmanship to build such delicate, heavy duty productions at the reliable quality.

All the slow pitch rods should have all the properties. Great ones also work well with varieties of your tactics, from fast, punchy application to long, slow and soft application.

So if you are just fishing in the shallow water, like similar 30m to 60m, you may not feel much the difference. So a lot of anglers have Slow Jerkers for 100m and deeper range, yet spare some cash with a cheaper rod for the shallow.


Here i show top 5 most best Slow Pitch Jigging Rods

1. Poseidon Slow Jerker by Evergreen

Poseidon Slow Jerker by Evergreen

Without doubts, No.1 slow pitch jigging rod that Sato Sensei developed in details. It was the first slow pitch rod, and still is the best slow pitch rod. It was remodeled in 2012, but the main spec stays the same. A little change to the reel seat and to the guides because Fuji, the guide maker, stopped the production. That is how perfectly this rod is designed and how consistently it’s been produced at the finest quality.

2. Propagate by Beat

Propagate by Beat

Beat was a private brand, specializing in slow pitch jigging, established in 2011 by Mr. Toshiya Ogai. He is a lure designer and studied slow pitch jigging with Sato Sensei.
Propagate is all made in Japan. A little longer than Slow Jerker. It has captured fans and very solid reputations.

3.  Ocea Jigger Infiniti by Shimano

Ocea Jigger Infiniti by Shimano

Shimano is finally releasing its flagship model for the slow pitch rod in June 2014. They are only producing only one model yet. More to come in 2015. Haven’t heard any feedback from the field yet, this is definitely going to be a top notch product.

4. Horizon SL by Tenryu

Horizon SL by Tenryu

Lightest of all the Horizon SL series rods. It designed to enjoy slow pitch jerk. Easy to handle jigs approx. 100g at approx. 50m depth
Enabling to feel falling / tension of jig, and enjoy technical game fishing. Effective for various types of light game fishing at bay areas

5.  Stiletto SLOW STYLE by Hot’s

 Stiletto SLOW STYLE by Hot’s

High Modulus Carbon Blank, light and sensitive. Great for light jigging with Inchiku or Madai Jigs.
Bait models available only in spiral wraps.

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