5 Tips Fishing Reel Maintenance

When buying a new reel is the same as we buy a new phone . Sure many are keeping well, bought cover in the paste was then screen protector and so on . So it is with a new reel . As far as possible you definitely do not want any dirt hit him and did not want to reel scratched . However, the fact that it only applies to the initial period of use only when the new reel eventually abandoned as reel - reel existing before .

For some anglers , they are very meticulous in the reel care. Not only to maintain the internal and external only . Although this treatment is quite complicated but it was considered worthwhile when you have spent a lot of money and had to be thrifty to have your heart 's dream reel .

More expensive a reel, more we carefully guard it.  Here are 5 tips fishing reel care .

Use soft cover for reel

Tips #1

Use soft cover for reel

Usually branded and expensive reel will be included in a soft cover every purchase . Soft cover protects reel to reel handy when brought to the location to stimulating or stored . This will protect the reel from getting the shock , scratches and dirt .

If you have more badget soft cover can upgrade your reel to a better quality materials such as neoprene pouches that it mananya anti wet . Most of soft washable cover reel using the washing machine .

Upgrade to Neoprene Pouches
Tips #2

Upgrade to Neoprene Pouches

If you are a serious person in custody reel then use soft neoprene pouches . As handphone cover , they are sold in shops hook . There are many sizes in the market, it is up to you to choose which whether it is fit to enter a whole reel or you had to open the handle and set it apart.
Hard Cases For Reel

Tips #3

Hard Cases For Reel

Like the work of a photographer , they take their expensive camera , camera bag in anti shock to the location. Similarly, the angler carefully. They will bring the reel - reel they use hard cases to avoid any bumps along the way to the location .

If you take to a remote location , can also use the hard case that has a lock as an additional security .

Reel Service

Tips #4

Reel Service

Set a schedule to perform minor and major servicing. Such as cars , reel also need to be serviced to ensure that the reel can sustain the same job as when buying new .

Services can also be maintained gear and drag work best when in combat heavy and long . When this process is a service you can see and decide which part needs to be replaced .

My advice if you are not used to shuttle service only to the store or ask a specialist for help from friends . Spend a lure them in thanks . This is because service work is also complicated , especially when opening and closing process . Do not wait to be serviced car / motor itself which ultimately must be the two remaining screws

Clean reel each time after using it

Tips #5

Clean reel each time after using it

Saltwater anglers will usually reel them clean tap water pipes to keep them rusting after exposure to salt water and also remove the fine sand attached to the reel . If you are diligent , you can wash it with soap .

Supplies can also add useful lives and maintaining its color rope because the rope is easily destroyed if not handled properly .

Make it a habit to clean the reel each time after use are sure you will feel worth it after a few years to see the old reel you still look like new . This can keep the price if you intend to sell it.
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