Slow jigging techniques

Introduction for slow jigging techniques

Introduction for slow jigging techniques

You never know what triggers the fish to react to your jig, but basically, the slow-pitch jigging has learned that it’s when the jig is on its side, the horizontal position, and when the jig is falling, going downward, that it attracts most bites. In other words, these are the moments when the jig is free on its own, when you are not doing anything to the jig. But now those delicious fish are our greatest customers with Slow Pitch Jigging.
Slow jigging techniques

Slow pitch jigging is not slow reeling. That tempo is very slow compared to the conventional style of jigging.

  • In the moment you give a pitch of reeling, the rod gives in nicely and bends, giving the smooth upward acceleration to the jig. You can jerk up the rod a little to each pitch, or not.
  • After a pitch, you stop and hold up the rod. It is when the jig is on its side that the chasing fish comes up for a bite.
  • You bring down the rod with half the reeling or not reeling at all. If you reel half on the way down and the half on the way up, the jig keeps dancing upward with suspension on its side in between. This is also a popular moment for a bite.
  • Just when you feel the jig weight pulling down your rod tip, pick it up with your reeling and jerking to give another pitch.
Jig for Slow Jigging

The most essential part of Slow Pitch Jigging is to stay in a vertical alignment with your jig. And it is when we can’t stay vertical that the slow pitch does not work. Here a slow jigging tips,  The most fun part of slow pitch jigging, I think, is that you have so many tactical choices. The slow pitch principles teach you to become aware of the jig movements. You can change the rod, the reel, the type and the weight of the jig, the line, the leader, the rings, the hooks, the assist line, your application of reeling and jerking.

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Slow jigging basics part 1
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